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Cassiano Creative, LLC

Cassiano Creative, LLC is the solution for companies of all sizes, including startups, who want to elevate their brand and digital presence with comprehensive marketing campaigns. We are a content consulting firm out of Charlotte, NC with a love for innovators and startups. We specialize in the development of content strategies by teaching your team to deploy effective social media content, blog content, and email marketing campaigns. Cassiano Creative, LLC empowers you and your team to make your mark in your industry from a consulting or fractional director standpoint.

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Cassiano Creative, LLC is here to help business owners and storytellers deliver content that engages their respective audiences. Our job is to be your reliable partner who ensures your operations and community grow so that you succeed.

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Trusted By:

Innovate Charlotte (InCLT) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to enhance, elevate, and accelerate entrepreneurial success in the greater Charlotte region. Our focus is on cultivating an intentionally inclusive and high impact ecosystem that stimulates innovation, economic growth and societal change.

PitchBreakfast™ is a safe, supportive environment where entrepreneurs go to connect, learn, and grow. We feature local founders/entrepreneurs/startups getting expert feedback on one of their most valuable assets – their pitch – in order to help get them investor-ready.



Our clients have this kind of elevation in brand reach across social media.



Our clients have seen this level of follower growth.



Our clients have experienced this kind of engagement elevation.



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Since its inception, Cassiano Creative, LLC has been able to help its clients experience the following numbers.

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Save Money

Working with Cassiano Creative as a third-party contractor will help you highlight your necessities and avoid unnecessary investments. Companies can save 25-50% on a annual salary budget with a flat monthly pricel.

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Personalized Service

Get a 1-on-1 consultation with our lead consultant to discuss your business goals, what you've done, and where you want to go. Get insights on how to make use of today's top communications platforms and delve into new avenues of content like podcasting.

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Transparent Professionalism

Hiring Cassiano Creative means providing yourself with an honest and loyal business confidant. Providing you honest feedback on your current presence, ideas, and strategies to facilitate dialogue on how to get you to the next level.


Understand the Customer Lifecycle to meet your customer needs when they need you.

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Customers are learning that they have problems or needs to be met.


Customers are understanding deliberating between solutions.


Customer is reaching out to you and opening communications.

New Customer

They have purchased your service and now you must plan for retention.

Returning Customer

Customer needs to see the ROI, follow through on your promise.


The customer trusts you and your work, make them an advocate.

Not just coffee in Charlotte, NC.

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Cassiano Creative, LLC not only endeavors to provide custom, high-tier service to business owners and content creators, but to also act as an information source for brands looking to keep up with the latest trends and fundamental information.

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​Client Reviews

Brandon is a personal and practical partner who quickly and effectively got our social media presence updated. We are super grateful for his help updating our accounts, organizing our social presence, and streamlining our postings. I would recommend him for startups and small businesses looking to get a handle on their accounts and transitioning from in-house social media to partner-supported communications.

Juan Garzón

Executive Director PitchBreakfast

Interested in a service but would like to get some clarity on what's involved or what's offered? We're more than happy to response to any questions you have! Head on over to our contact page and submit a form and we'll get back to you shortly.

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