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Need a consultant service that works for a new startup?

Not a problem! Cassiano Creative, LLC offers any business the opportunity to communicate in real-time as your official Creative Collaborator from Charlotte, NC. As a Creative Collaborator, we provide you with a private communications channel through which you or your team can remain in constant contact with Cassiano Creative, LLC. Have conversations regarding your marketing, communications, or PR with real-time exploration and follow up. In addition, this service also let's you reserve up to 4 hour-long meetings every month with owner, Brandon "BC Babbles" Cassiano.

  • Build your brand

  • Share Ideas

  • Design your perfect messaging

  • Learn new platforms

  • Get style direction

  • Set short-term and long-term goals

  • Perfect your planning

What I get!

  • The chance to connect with you.

  • The chance to work with you.

  • The chance to teach you.

  • The chance to elevate you.

What you get!

  • Communication from me

  • Insights from me

  • Direction from me

  • Concept advice from me and more!

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