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Podcast Consultant

With over 5 years of podcasting experience, you can trust that you'll be guided through every aspect of bringing a new show to life. From conception to execution, Cassiano Creative, LLC will guide you through the initial development process all the way to the airing of your first episode and beyond!

Learn to master the process of cultivating 


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Casual Babble Podcast
BC Babbles of the Casual Babble Podcast

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How will we help to prepare you for the studio

and the podcasting world?


Want to bring a conversation to life but don't know how or which one to start with? Cassiano Creative will help you dive deep into your passions and curiosities to discover what kind of show you should put together. 

  • Show Genre

  • Concept Development

  • Podcast Branding

  • Podcast Hosting 

  • Podcast Distribution

  • Social Media Creation

  • Community Development


Your show is LIVE but you don't know how to give it momentum? Let's discuss how you can promote your show to earn high traffic, consistent engagement, and monetization.

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Blog Content Writing

  • Email Content Marketing

  • CRM Development

  • Content Strategy

  • Podcast Analytics

  • Podcast Monetizing


Podcasting is far more than just sitting down, hitting "Record", and having a conversation. Learn to master the full 3-tier process of production from beginning to end. 

  • Pre-Production

  • Session Scheduling

  • Recording Location

  • Production

  • Equipment

  • Post-Production

  • Promotional Item Creation

Learn more about the role of a Podcast Consultant.

A podcast consultant plays a crucial role in elevating the success of audio content and video content in the digital landscape. Our job is to guide you, the podcaster, in crafting compelling episodes that resonate with your target audiences and rank effectively on search engine results. From helping you develop strategic episode titles and descriptions that leverage relevant keywords within the content, we'll ensure optimal discoverability on podcast platforms. 

Podcast Consultant Services

Podcast Host Setup

1-on-1 Meeting to discuss prospective hosts for your podcast. Full account and profile set up with podcast page customization done for you. Other features and streaming channels also set up for full podcast exposure. 

$229/Host Set-up Only

$269/Website Integration and Update

Podcast Producer

Podcast episodes fully produced and provided to hosts for airing. Two to three teasers produced for your review and scheduled for social media promotion. Email blast and blog post for your website written, designed, and scheduled to announce your latest episode premiere.  


$1,300/Dedicated Producer (Monthly)

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