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VO (Voice Over)

Bringing A Little Life To Each Project!

Services Provided

Live Announcer

Bring your awards ceremonies, trade shows, sports events, and broadcasts to a whole new level with an experienced voice-over artist with 7 years experience in podcasting and radio.


From promotional videos and product demos to animated explainer clips and corporate presentations, voice-over services ensure your message is delivered with professionalism and impact.


Whimsical animated characters in children's cartoons, embodying heroic protagonists in action-packed video games, or narrating complex personas in audiobooks.


Enhance e-learning experiences by providing spoken narration to educational content. Guide learners through lessons, explaining concepts, providing instructions, and reinforce key points.

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Sometimes, its about finding a voice to add untold layers of excitement or character to your project. Hire BC Babbles, your Charlotte-based voice over talent. With a distinctive vocal style and a wealth of experience, BC Babbles delivers professionalism and creativity in every recording. Whether you need a voice for commercials, narration, video games, or more, BC Babbles provides the perfect blend of skill and versatility to make your project stand out. Elevate your content with BC Babbles, and let your story be heard with unmatched quality and impact.

Available for both in-studio and on-site performances. 

Hire BC Babbles! Voice Over Artist!

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