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Introduction to Cassiano Creative, LLC

If you're reading this blog post, then CONGRATS! You are one of the earliest, and hopefully dedicated, readers of the Cassiano Creative blog. If you've perused the home page of the website, you may have noticed the small "About" section but wanted to get more insight into this consultancy. Which is why I am making this my first official entry for this blog.

Cassiano Creative, LLC is the most natural career shift I've honestly ever made.

Quick intro, My name is Brandon Cassiano. Though a number of listeners viewers and associates know me better as "BC Babbles" or "BC" or "Babbles". Either works fine. I am the host and producer of the Casual Babble podcast. Podcasting has been and still is an incredible venture for me. But this entry is about my work as a Content Consultant.

I've spent the last 7 years moving through different full-time jobs. In most of those positions, I oversaw communications and marketing for one entity or another. While none of those positions were fated to be a long-term arrangement for me, I'd say they served their purpose in educating me about myself and what does and doesn't work for me in a professional setting.

While my past titles include names like Communications Associate, Communications Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, and Director of Marketing...There was one role that I was always called upon to function within. One that I had a length of experience in stretching back to my time at Appalachian State University.

That title...Consultant.

Going back to my time as a student, classmates, and friends, back when we were ALL learning to produce audio and video and work with creative software, would often come to me seeking assistance with one project or another. Whether it was putting together a promo for a specialty on 90.5 WASU-FM, smoothing out a video project, or learning to make use of Adobe Creative Suite, I was always a trusted guy who could give them the direction they were looking for.

I've always loved helping someone figure out how to make something creative come to life. I only hate that it took me years to realize that THAT was the role I should've been seeking all along.

Now we are here. Cassiano Creative, LLC is both a service to YOU, the business owner/entrepreneur reading this, as well as to myself. For you, you get a consultant eager to conceptualize your business and set it up for a successful communications campaign that leads it into growth. What do I get? I'm placing myself in a position to develop a professional relationship with an ambitious entrepreneur. A relationship based on our terms, our goals, and our direction.

To find out how I can help you in your content and podcasting endeavors, be sure to check out my consultation page, and let's have a meeting!

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